Bathroom Ideas Freestanding Bath: Working With Different Bathtubs

Bathroom-Ideas-Freestanding-Bath-Woollahra-2025If you’re like most of the population you’ll find a time where you need a change in your house. One of the most fun and exciting changes you can make is to update or change your bathroom. There are many ways you can do this but one of the most exciting ones is to take a step back in time and go with a free standing bathtub. You can find several resources for bathroom designs through books and magazines.

Kinds Of Freestanding Tubs

A freestanding tub will give your bath a whole new look. With many options available you can’t go wrong. You can select from a claw foot, pedestal, slipper style as well as a Japanese Ofuro tub to get you started with some ideas. The clawfoot tub has “feet” that hold the tub up off of the floor. These feet are styled similar to lion or bear claws and lend a unique look to any bath decor. A deep soaking tub these are ideal for the lady who loves to have a nice long soak before bed or before beginning her day. This Victorian era look is quite common in many households today.

Similar in looks to a clawfoot is the pedestal tub. Also freestanding (not attached to a wall), it is supported via a pedestal in lieu of feet. Longer in size so it’s ideal for those who are a bit taller. Very elegant especially if the pedestal is decorated as well.

A slipper back bath is a unique style of freestanding tub. The back has a raised area similar to a slipper in which you can rest your back and neck. Usually smaller than a freestanding tub, you’ll have an added comfort of support for your back and neck while soaking. A few styles even include a nice arm rest which makes them very comfortable for soaking. Differentiate your finished products at a reasonable cost visit so you can have the edge on your competitors and we can help you achieve this.

The Japanese Ofuro tub is in a barrel shape. The Japanese often use communally tubs believing that people sit in them and not lie in them. Originally done for religious purposes they knew that there were many benefits of soaking ones body to treat and relieve muscle aches and strains.

Things To Consider

If you select a freestanding tub, you’ll need to know that they require specific fittings. These will include your plumbing, your electricity as well as ventilation, mirrors and flooring which will all need to be maintained and taken care of in order to preserve the overall look and aesthetic value of the tub. When done correctly, this can add a gorgeous look to any bathroom decor and make it a heavenly oasis. Study your options well before embarking upon your adventure of your new bath and remember that your bath is only as nice a syou make it. Make your investment wise and make it count and never settle for less that what you can have. You’ll enjoy your freestanding bath for many years to come and generations after you will as well so take the time to make it beautiful and you’ll be grateful forever.